resolutions shouldn’t just be saved for the beginning of a new year. but i have yet to take my own advice haha.

i present my 2010 resolutions. i hope i do not forget any of them…

  1. eat less red meat. i know i’m in danger of high blood pressure/cholesterol, it runs in my mom’s family. and my diet isn’t the healthiest – i LOVE salty food and that almost always is accompanied by lots of oil. at least slowly getting rid of red meat will help me out with that.
  2. bye bye facebook… tweet and tumbl, only. facebook’s counter productive, it provides unnecessary stress/gossip, and uploading pictures has taken up half of my life.
  3. take it slow. i’ve recently ended a chapter in my life and it has helped me realize that rushing into things isn’t the healthiest for me. so take it slow, in every meaning of the phrase and in every aspect of my life. (except for school. we’re on the quarter system, i can’t slow down. haha)
  4. sing louder. i’m too scared of sounding flat or sharp but i need to not care what people hear. because singing is all about me and how it makes me happy. who cares if i sound gross? haha

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