mapping out your entire life might not be necessary, but it definitely is a human impulse difficult to reverse – particularly for the hopeless romantics like myself. we are so used to looking into the future: hoping, wishing, praying, pushing for unforeseeable events.

my plan was as follows.

  1. 20: fall deeply in love
  2. 22: jump start my career in museum development
  3. 24: go to grad school in new york, san francisco or chicago
  4. 25: marry my college sweetheart
  5. 28: have beautiful dark kids
  6. 35: after becoming director of development at a big la museum, open my own art gallery solely featuring local artists
  7. 55: retire, pass my art gallery on to one of my beautiful dark kids

don’t get me wrong, planning in certain aspects is absolutely necessary. i.e., your career, your finances, your education, etc. but giving yourself deadlines for things like marriage or having kids: how can you ever tell that it’s even gonna happen? how can you ever predict that you’ll be with a significant other forever?

you can’t. things come up. you make mistakes. what happens if you fuck it all up? what happens when you become a person you never planned to be?

when these things do happen, it hurts too much to realize that your plans won’t even matter. these plans you made, they remain only as figments of your complex mind; memories that almost happened.

so what happens now? you start over.

do you draft a new plan? YES.

the new plan is, make no plans at all.


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