i LOVE classic films. in high school, most of what i watched was the turn classic movie channel. (yeah whatever, i’m a geek.) and i recently found out about their film festival in april, where they’ll be showing all kinds of the movies i LOVE over the span of four days: saboteur, casablanca, pillow talk, some like it hot, sunset blvd… and the list goes onnnnn.. i feel like such a geek ‘cause i feel like i’m the only filipino who likes them. i feel so puti, forill but hey, whatever. i can’t deny a passion that i have =] anyways, a pass for the whole festival starts at $500 =T. in other words, classic movie festivals are only for the rich and privileged. i can’t enjoy a passion of mine because it is exclusive to the upper class. all kinds of sad face =(((((

TCM Film Festival


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