Cagefree Canines

i love my dog charlie. he’s so loving, fun and super loyal and i wouldn’t trade him for anything. part of the reason why i love him even more is that there are very few people who’ll put up with his behavioral problems. but even though my sister and i take the best of care of him, we aren’t experts. he’s been really difficult to socialize with other dogs and strangers when in our apartment, and so i’ve been looking all over the world for a legitimate dog training center that will accommodate both charlie’s difficult temperament and my need for something that’s also’s hard to describe charlie’s personality. at home and in his most comfortable state (which is basically when he’s with me/my sisters/parents only), he’s very affectionate, obedient, intelligent and energetic. and with jemy (my chiweenie), he’s very protective and playful. when he’s around my two roommates, he’s very shy and slow to approach them but when he does, you can tell he’s excited to be interacting with them and to be getting their attention, though he’s still cautious and hesitant. but enter their dog chance; charlie acts very differently with him. maybe it’s a testosterone thing, but at one point, charlie bit off a part of chance’s ear when chance threatened him somehow. thankfully, it was nothing big but it’s still noticeable and chance’s ear bled for days. charlie could’ve done something worse.when i walk charlie, thankfully he doesn’t bark at strangers walking past. but he barks at EVERY SINGLE dog we encounter. a couple of times, he pulled the leash hard enough to escape my grasp. he approached the dogs closer to just bark like crazy at them. thankfully, though, he didn’t attack at either encounter but i’m still scared of the possibility.all i want for charlie is to be completely socialized. when i walk him, i want him to approach other dogs with curiosity and caution but also with friendly endeavors. i want all my friends to play with him because i know that he’ll be such a fun dog to play with. he has so much energy to give, but his behavioral insecurities keep him from doing so.

enter Cage Free Canines. i haven’t seen any other establishment that has so much space for their dogs and such a good philosophy for their care. just judging from their website, i have a feeling that this is the right environment for what charlie needs.i sent in an inquiry to them just now for charlie, so cross your fingers with me and hope that they can help me help him.


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