i’ve noticed, in all my life, that hardly anyone – esp. if they’re walking alone – smiles as they walk to wherever they’re going. i LOVE smiling: i have wrinkles in the corner of my eyes and around my mouth from smiling so much but i feel weird when i smile as i go to, for example, class or from my car to the supermarket. i think a lot, so random things pop up in my head, and if i think of a funny memory or a hilarious joke someone made (or i made ‘cause i’m so funny, duh) i end up smiling and, at times, laughing out loud. but i’d feel like a fool because i’d be the only one smiling/laughing!

why can’t we all just establish it as the universal norm to smile while we walk to our destinations? or LAUGH OUT LOUD for that matter? why do we gotta keep the fun to ourselves when we’re all itching to smile or laugh?

we’re so caught up in arriving at our destination that we just forget to smile… so can we all just PLEASE smile? you look prettier when you do.

just sayin.


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