chicken wowshi

Me and my food/film/music/nerd soulmate paid homage to our dear Bella Pita last night with chicken wowshis, topped off with chocolate- & nut-covered strawberries.

Last night was honestly the first night where I tried something completely different and new. I usually only cook stir fry or easy Pilipino cuisine but was inspired to try something else… I had eaten Bella Pita’s chicken wowshi’s since I fell in love with them only last month and have always wondered how to make their tomato/red onion/cilantro medley. So after an impulsive trip to Ralph’s, I experimented… And it turned out to be MOUTHGASMIC.

For the medley, you literally only need tomato, red onion, cilantro, lemon and lemon pepper & salt. I measured nothing, just played by eye how much me and my food partner-in-crime would eat. But looking back, I think its safe to say that the tomato:red onion:cilantro ratio is 3:1:2… If that makes any mathematical sense at all to you. (It makes perfect sense to me!) The secret is, to taste it as you go and add whatever you think it needs to make it citrusy, bold and juicy.

For the chicken – or really any kind of meat or meat substitute – chop them up into half-inch or so cubes. Then, season it with cilantro, lemon pepper, add a few chops of red onion and sprinkle a little salt. Sautee them in the appropriate proportion of red onions. Again, no measuring required; just smell as you go and add whatever you think smells good to you.

For the pita bread – tear it cleanly in half, open it up and put the seasoned chicken and medley inside just like a pita pocket. Last step: eat it!

For the strawberries – always use Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips. They freeze quickly and stay on the strawberry as you eat it. It also tastes nice with the generic bag of nuts we got. There are many ways to melt the chocolate but we personally boiled some hot water in a pot. Putting the chocolate and a teaspoon of oil in a glass bowl, wait for the water to boil before putting the bowl directly on top of the pot. With the heat on low, mix constantly with a rubber spatula until there are no more chips left and the chocolate looks like the you-shouldn’t-give-it-a-taste-but-you-do-anyway cake mix. Make sure the strawberries are dry before dipping them into the chocolate and sprinkle the nuts. Place them on a sheet of wax paper, preferrably lain on a baking sheet. Put them flat in the freezer for about 5-7 minutes and you’re done!

Last step: Enjoy!


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