i’d gone to alicia’s as i am tour in anaheim last year but i couldn’t resist the chance to see her freedom tour with the one and only gbaby. (happy birrrrthday!!!)

and let me tell you why i love her as much as when i first fell in love with her after the first time i heard ‘a woman’s worth’:

  1. she ain’t all about flash and glamour. her costume changes during the concert on tuesday only consisted of 3, technically 4 if you count her taking off her BOMB-ASS red leather jacket (i want one!) after her opening song. the first outfit, a form fitting but tasteful all-black get up; the second, an elegant and flattering white evening dress; and the third, a white corset and black tights
  2. i can’t help but compare her to beyonce or janet jackson, who are all about the theatrical aspect of performing. it’s very entertaining, but i love that to entertain her audience, all alicia needs is her band, her voice and her piano/keyboards/keytar (dope.)
  3. her talking voice is as beautiful and idyllic as her singing voice. i looked forward to her talking in between songs as much as her actual songs, just because i wonder how anyone’s voice can be so beautiful in all forms
  4. her performance of ‘try sleeping with a broken heart’ made me cry. not just for the song’s message but also for her changing up the 1st verse: slow and anticipative, so emotional and heart-wrenching. whenever she remixes her own songs, oh man, they’re just money
  5. finally and most of all, not only is her voice beautiful and polished, her convictions are beautiful as well. we’re hard-pressed to find such a mainstream musician today so active in spreading messages of self-empowerment and challenging the status quo. her background visuals were constantly feeding the audience with taboo yet relevant issues

if you haven’t seen her live in concert, i implore you to add it to your bucket list. next on my own bucket list: to see her for a 3rd time but in an intimate and close setting. cross your fingers for me!


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