i have to pay a buttload of $$ to graduate.

i already paid a buttload for my irreplaceable education at ucla. now i have to worry about paying 1/4 worth of monthly rent to leave. i am not happy about this. so here are some of the things i’m doing to save, and i hope others who are struggling to pay to graduate, as i am, will take some of these into consideration.

  • borrow or buy, at a discounted price i hope, an old graduation gown from a friend who already graduated. they’re the same shiny black gown anyway, so why pay full price ($27)? this just means i’d have to buy my degree tassel separately, $4.50, and/or 2010 tassel, $6.00.
  • go to the mall for my graduation pictures. i’m going to try and get the closest i can to the background color that ucla’s portraits uses. this will save me at least $85.
  • get your own diploma frame. i’m pining for the athena frame with “university of california, los angeles” ($90) embossed in gold but i realize that the only thing that matters is the diploma. so i’m taking a trip to aaron brothers or some other framing store to either customize a frame or buy a pretty but inexpensive frame. (and i have pretty awesome connections in the camarillo aaron brothers for bringing them sahra’ prints!)

ay yai yai… there’s still the sash i have to buy ($35) and the degree cord which i’m not sure of buying yet ($10). but at least that i’ll be saving at least $150.

wish me luck!


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