to-cook list

over the past year, i’ve had the inspiration to cook more and to cook healthier. i consequently subscribed to a blog called “tastespotting,” which basically reblogs all kinds of recipes, from desserts to entrees to salads to sauces, posting at least 200 recipes each day! but i’m particular in what i choose to bookmark, to make sure they are college-friendly, meaning both easy and inexpensive to prepare. even as i’m on the verge of leaving my ucla undergraduate life, i know i’ll find these recipes invaluable to helping me learn to be a better cook.

since i don’t have enough time to list their recipes, i’ll just list what you should look forward to in the future of this blog and my culinary journey:

  • goan-style shrimp curry
  • steamed rice with ginger chicken
  • crispy pork belly recipe
  • crab & shrimp salad with avocado
  • bbq stuffed squid
  • poached eggs & ham panini
  • cinnamon covered almonds
  • rustic roasted chicken
  • mascarpone maison (the recipe’s in french.. translator, anyone?)
  • pan-fried pork chops with cranberry-orange sauce
  • crispy roasted garlic chicken
  • pull pork crisps
  • mexican chocolate cake
  • salmon sliders on bagels
  • arroz a la mexicana
  • caramel nutella crisps
  • chorizo, egg & potato hash
  • homemade pizza with prosciutto and oregano
  • chicken marsala
  • beef roll ups
  • braised pork belly
  • delicata squash with browned sugar & sage
  • winter solstice soup
  • christmas cake balls
  • gravlax (salt and sugar cured salmon) with creamy mustard-dill sauce

oy, i have a long way to go.


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