i’m gonna see you soon, paris. i hope you can forgive me for not knowing french, but i am a willing student with an insatiable hunger for art. it’s my turn to create it rather than just consume it, so i hope you don’t mind that i use you as my subject. because you see, i have a manual slr that is just gathering dust and i need to feed it with your architecture, your people, your food, your blue skies; anything you have to give.

so, cheers. i will see you soon.

reblogging myself to remind me that i’m only an inch away from finalizing the logistics for my july trip to paris. i have ready my 35mm nikon film slr and my brain for my photography and beginning french classes.

4 years of working hard at ucla culminates to saying au revoir to my undergraduate career by saying bonjour to a month in beautiful paris.

and i’m just gonna say, I DESERVE IT.


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