i haven’t tumbled in a while. getting ready

  • to finish the quarter AND 
  • to graduate AND 
  • to finalize the study abroad deets AND
  • to find out my living situation before i leave

each task is tedious stuff, man, and together, almost too much to take. but it’s finally getting down to the final days at UCLA as an undergrad, and though it’s stressful and time consuming, i know i’m gonna miss it.

anyway, i wanted to share some photos taken by a GOOD friend of mine, janina “nana” avecilla. this is my shameless plug for her as she is in the beginning stages of launching her own photography biznatch. she’s AMAZINGLY TALENTED and she has such a good eye for backdrop and keeps you lookin good too. 

(these are some of my OFFICIAL announcement photos. late, yes, i know but i have areally bad sense of time right now.)

as you can see, legitimate, right?? so, do you want janina’s number so she can do your wedding, graduation, engagement, debut, banquet photos??


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