joanne en paris.

this is the ultimate senior sendoff before my journey into the real world: a month studying film photography in paris. i get to explore the art of photography with the beautiful city as my subject. 

i would first really like to thank a few people who made this possible:

  • my parents for even letting me go across the atlantic to study photography and for trusting me
  • the staff at cultural experiences abroad, who is so helpful, patient, and understanding
  • kate the great for giving me that inspirational push i needed via the AMAZING care package, filled with useful travel necessities – especially the knopf section-by-section paris mapguide
  • the hammer museum staff for being so supportive in my dream to study abroad, even if it’s in a city i know very little of
  • ryan scott for always believing that i will go to paris no matter the circumstances i was in, and for introducing me to his insane passion for the art of photography
  • and finally and most importantly, my auntie veron for bridging the gap between myself and financial aid!

you are all at the top of my list for great pasalubong (the tagalog word for” souvenir”)!

this blog is the vehicle through which all my loved ones will make sure i’m doing okay, and that i’m not wasting my time in one of the greatest cities in the world. i am so excited to share with you the great moments i have, the great people i meet, and the great photos i take.

and so, on june 27, i say goodbye to the city of angels and bonjour to the city of love.


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