from the airport to the hotel

paris graced me with a grueling yet rewarding journey the minute i got here. none of the airport staff knew what paris shuttle was, whose ticket i’d bought online and who was suggested by my study abroad counselor to take me safely to my hotel. i didn’t get a confirmation email on time, as i just found it now. it had all the information about where to meet and who to call, but it was useless since i found it after the fact. after asking at least 6 airport staff members, i admitted to having wasted $27 and submitted to paying 8.50 euros for a subway ticket instead. i should’ve known in the first place that the paris subway system is AMAZING and that i didn’t need a shuttle at all. luckily, i was already familiar with the nyc subway system; paris’s is similar.

anyway, upon transferring from train b to c to get to my hotel, i got a little confused and lost. i couldn’t find the right platform, but luckily, i met a young irish couple who was going the same way. i overheard them saying they didn’t know which train to take, so i approached them cordially and asked for their help. apparently, none of us knew which way to go but it was reassuring to know i wasn’t the only one in the whole city of paris struggling to find the right way. after at least 30 minutes of going up and down a million sets of stairs with our huge luggages, we finally found the right platform and got to our stop.

and talk about insane coincidences, they were staying at the same hotel i was! of all the people i meet in a foreign city, i meet two incredibly nice english-speaking people who also were going the same way as me because they were going to the same hotel!! the universe felt so mysterious at that moment!! they were really just two amazing people, i hope i get to see them again soon at least to say hi. as we said goodbye at the lobby, i couldn’t resist but to take a picture with them. i’ll post it once i have internet access on my own laptop!

anyway, i made it to jimlyn and cherlyn’s hotel safely. they got a little worried that i hadn’t called, but i didn’t know how to use the public telly! it’s confusing… haha. they greeted me with tequila flavored beer (it’s actually pretty tasty!) and some frosted mini wheats.


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