paris care package.

once i got it i had to dedicate a blog post to it: kate the great’s care package for my paris trip. too bad i procrastinated on it ‘cause now i’ve used most of what was in there or it’s still packed in my suitcase. i have a little peek of it though:

some of the things kate put in the cute white box closed with a cute brown ribbon:

  • mapguide book of paris divided into its districts, complete with personalized notes of where to go, what to do, and what to watch out for
  • an emergency poncho
  • a journal which i’ve been keeping up, you’d be happy to know!
  • woolite laundry packets
  • 2 travel space bags
  • travel size toiletries
  • packing list including common forgotten things
  • fast-drying travel-size towel

undoubtedly the best, most useful care package i’d ever received. also the very first haha.

when kate brought it to me earlier in the summer, i had lost hope that i’d be able to study in paris because of financial obstacles. but her visit and the care package gave me such a huge push to make it happen, and it did! now i’m in paris (!!) utilizing the care package to its fullest potential.

so thank you kate for the care package! even without the package, you had such great faith that i would be in paris. the mapguide has especially been so helpful – it gets me through the subway system! – and i’m crossing more and more things you suggested! LOVE YOU!


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