day 6.

it’s a day late – i’m a day late in my posts anyway – but happy 4th! it was the first i’d ever spent outside of california (i’m pretty sure) but for sure the first i’d ever spent in paris. though i didn’t do much to explicitly celebrate it, day 6 was just as good as the last.

the flea market at porte de clignancourt on the edge of the city was insanely good!! lots of things to look at from furniture, knick knacks, jewelry… me, abby and her 2 friends couldn’t even go around the whole market without breathing too hard. but the best part was that it was sooo vintage, it was just another piece of paris that i wanted to take home with me. i got a cool chain for my honey mate necklace, a cool blue/gold ring, and a vintage post card. wish i got one of these though:

lunch nearby and i think you’ll appreciate its menu, so accurately translated

spent the evening with abby and joey eating paninis, and a nutella-banana crepe for abby, at the champs de mars with the tower as our beautiful backdrop. as corny as it is, i just had to take a snapshot of the couple in front of us

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