day 13.

we had planned for so long to go to versailles today… but me and the roommies slept the whole morning away – we woke up around 2pm… haha. so we belatedly decided to go to a museum that apparently closes off to the public an hour earlier than its official close time. but since it was around champs-elysee, we just walked around. it’s a super nice shopping area, a larger version of rodeo drive in beverly hills. my mom would’ve enjoyed the stroll for sure since it was also right next to the arc de triomph

it was the only store on the street that had a line to get in

wedding pictures in the middle of the street… romantic or just plain cliche? can’t decide…

arc de triomph! i wanna climb it another day – we were all too lazy – but at least we went inside… it’s pretty epic

finished the day with a french-thai cafe near the apt… i was their garbage disposal, but i enjoyed every bite


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