13/14 juillet 2010

the french have an amazing bastille day itinerary

  • firemen’s balls all over the city – at least 1 one in most of their 20 districts; it’s basically a bunch of outdoor/courtyard clubs/bars open to the public (even children), each playing different music from the live funk/disco band we saw at the 5th district to electronica djs
  • military parade along the champs de elysee. it’s very different from a 4th of july celebration; we americans need so much to be entertained and to keep our attention, so we go crazy over fireworks shows and jet shows… the french keep it really simple – soldiers just marching down the street, singing some sort of national military anthem, i assume it was. i guess i really am american with my small attention span, but i got bored really quickly. their air show was just jets flying over the monuments (mostly lined along the same line in the city), with the first set pooing (there’s no other word for it, i feel) the country colors (red, white and blue)
  • fireworks at the eiffel tower – i ended up not going, but my roommates made me regret it. their pictures were awesome, even if they weren’t too close to the tower

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