mardi 13 juillet 2010

by now, i’ve become a local: i have my set routine where i get up at a set hour, eat (or not eat) a quick breakfast, and get ready on time (sometimes) to go to my french class. my feet have memorized my routes and my eyes have become accustomed to seeing world-famous monuments (like the notre dame and eiffel tower) everyday. it’s insane and surreal, but it’s joanne in paris!

to feel even more like a local and tourist simultaneously, my roommates and i started the bastille day (the anniversary of the french revolution) celebration by going to a firemen’s ball late at night. almost every district of paris hosts at least one, each playing different genres of music, either live or otherwise. it’s basically a bunch of clubs to choose from whose bouncers are hot firemen – actually, i don’t find french men sexy but by lowering my standards a little bit, they became hot. 

the firemen’s ball we went to was closest to our apartment in the 5th district. they had a live disco/funk band, and it was crackinnnn. lotsa people but a good amount where we didn’t feel suffocated. but my favorite part was the naked man dancing erotically at his window, and the band thinking the crowd was cheering because of the music.


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