mercredi 14 juillet 2010 – bastille day

bastille day is the french’s version of our july 4th. it starts the night before with the firemen’s ball and then on the morning of the 14th is the military parade along the champs elysees, the street that leads to the arc de triomph. (most of paris’s huge celebrations occur here, like the tour de france.) i thought it was an alright parade – i’m just used to our american parades which are flashy and a.d.h.d.-friendly. paris’s idea of an independence parade celebrates the military with them marching down the street and the air force just flying above. the jets that flew above just flew in v’s, nothing special. except for the first set of jets…

we left after it started pouring on us…

we went home to dry and to rest before we went out to the fireworks at the eiffel tower. i decided not to go, though in retrospect, i kinda regret it. but at least i got to live vicariously through my roommates.


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