dimanche 18 juillet 2010 – normandy part 2

after a full night of rest at the cutest hotel ever and a superb continental breakfast (beats EVERY american hotel i’ve ever stayed at, for sure), we visited deauville/treauville – a beach resort town where the american festival is famously held.

their casino is on the right. they wouldn’t let my roommate in to use the restroom, though she is of age if the gambling age in france is 18. =T

my favorite part of the resort town, since it tickled my classic film fancy…

then back on the bus to Château de Breuil Calvados… a beautiful piece of land, so green and lush like much of the surrounding landscape.

this is their aging room; the smell was strong but sweet

then on to the calvados and pommeau (a weaker version of it) tasting! i preferred calvados, though my tummy was more tolerant of pommeau

the last item on our itinerary was the Caen Peace Memorial dedicated to D-Day. beautiful museum, i definitely recommend if you’re ever in that part of town. no other documents D-Day and WWII in general so thoroughly in one site.. we were fortunate enough to use the audio guides; though disorganized, in my opinion, they were still very informative for the history-challenged like myself.


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