vendredi 23 juillet 2010

at this point, i became trigger lazy so there won’t be very many pictures for a few posts – if not more. sorry!! i’m happy this was true, though, because my days were largely uneventful anyway, besides school and my increasing workload, with the month of classes coming close to its end. if i can, i’ll just borrow some pictures off my friends’ facebooks hehe…

anyway, i went to a mexican restaurant with some friends and friends of friends from the another study abroad program to start off the night. i forgot to document the restaurant, but it’s near the bastille right along the seine. GOOD food, and though at first sight very expensive, it’s worth the 25 euros for generous portions – appetizer, main course, and dessert. my good friend desiree basically let me have her whole meal – she didn’t eat much of it. 

after, we met friends of friends of friends at a bar in the montmarte area. we stopped by a market to get something to drink and on the way out, an obviously intoxicated middle-aged man asked us if we were prostitutes. yeahh, montmarte is paris’s red light district.

me and a girl i’d met that night – with whom i had such good conversation but just can’t remember her name for the life of me (i’m so sorry if you read this) – were afraid of missing the metro, so we left the large crowd of young american folks uber excited to be legally drinking before their 21st birthday.

and finally, it was a good thing i didn’t bring my camera because a wasted guy flashed everybody at the station. he flashed us for a good five minutes as he laughed and sang and danced in a circle. while very hilarious to hear, it tortured me having to wait to use my whole field of vision again.


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