dimanche 25 juillet 2010

the tour de france on rue de rivoli! i couldn’t stay long and so didn’t catch a single biker. i did catch, however, the trucks and the awesome fans

i left early for the paris jazz festival, one of my favorite things to do in the city. and parc floral where it was hosted is SOO beautiful, what a great place to listen to some good jazz music

i watched sandra nkake – what an amazing performer! she has the range and vocal distinctness of sarah vaughn and the stage presence of q-tip via jazz reggae fest. 

after wandering aimlessly once her set was over, i serendipitously intercepted sandra leaving the stage. a small crowd of her friends and fans were saying hello and taking pictures with her but i was too bashful to ask for either a picture or cd =T

right across the parc floral is château de vincennes, the 2nd largest castle in paris next to the louvre. my feet were too tired and my mind too overwhelmed with monuments to actually walk on the grounds. i settled for a picture instead


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