22-29 juillet 2010

so there’s a huge hole in my paris blog, but i’ll make up for it, i promise. complete with a few pictures, too!

anyway, i’m starting to really miss home. 2 of my roommates are flying back home on saturday and the other is only staying until the 3rd of august. i’m staying until the 11th… =*( i’m really gonna miss them!! we’ve done absolutely everything together since day 1, and they’re so fun to be with and to talk to. we all had similar goals with respect to paris, so it was really easy to figure out what to do and what to save for a later paris trip… 

anyway, i really wanna go home, but i’m trying to stay optimistic – after all, who wouldn’t mind being stuck in paris? then again, i’d rather share it with someone i love. i have a friend who’s staying until the end of august, at least, but she’ll still be taking classes and such. that means that i’ll still have a chunk of alone time. i mean, i still have a bunch of things to do on my uber tourist list, so i’m hoping the time will just pass by so quickly that i won’t notice that i’m staying another week and a half after all my roommates are gone.

in conclusion, i miss home: i started a list of why i miss it so much, but it’s way too long. so i’ll leave you with a picture of my dogs. they’re definitely on my top 5 of things i miss, with all these dogs on the paris streets constantly reminding me of them.


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