jeudi 29 juillet 2010

it was my last day of photography class =**( but what a way to end it – we sipped wine as we critiqued our own works (we each had 6-9 final prints) while hally critiqued it at the same time. let me tell you, we all did so amazing and the photos were AWESOME. we forgot to take a snapshot of it before we took them down the wall; we had arranged it in whatever sequence we wanted, so it looked like a wall at a small gallery. then we dialogued about what makes good b&w photos and how we all incredibly achieved it within a span of a 4 short weeks… eventually, though, we went off on a HUGE tangent towards the last hour of class and just talked about politics – feminism, international policy, the marijuana debate… without a doubt, the most interesting conversation i’ve ever had with a professor.

anyway, hally demands that we no longer take snapshots (unless we choose to use the snap shot aesthetic, which is an entirely different thing…). we know too much now about photography as an art, and i agree with her. while i will still carry around a point & shoot for those snapshots of moments i don’t wanna forget and post on facebook, i’ll reserve my rolls of film and chemicals of development for moments that i wanna capture in the art form that i now have technical knowledge in. (!!!)

so now, me and the roommates are supposed to go out on the town tonight, but i’m SO exhausted from the day, from preparing my final prints for class; walking all over the place; riding on the gross, overcrowded metro… i just wanna sleep! haha… but tonight will be one of the last nights i spend with my roommates, so i’ll stay awake just for them =) at least, i’ll try to…


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