i will miss paris.

it’s a day before my flight back to sunny california and i’m already reminiscing about my stay in the city of love and light. i will definitely miss:

the metro. just like it was my favorite thing about nyc, it’ll always be my favorite thing about paris. (is la seriously the only major city in the world without a decent metro system?) the paris metropolitain is as old as the eiffel tower, and to this day, it remains the artery of the city. it brings commuters to and from work; it gives tourists easy, fast and affordable transportation all around the city; and it saves parisians a BUTT load of money by keeping them from investing in cars.

parisians. they seriously have a bad rep for being rude to tourists, but they’ve grown on me. my sociological observations prove that they’re rude only because tourists are rude to them. therefore, the reverse is also true: if you’re nice to a parisian, they’re nice to you in return. (and sometimes too nice… ask my good friend anila…)

my apt and roommates. i was blessed with the best living situation for perhaps the most unique month and a half i will have for a long while. i shared an uber cute apt with 4 amazing women, all with whom i had such great chemistry – it’s uncanny, seriously. what are the odds that i’d get an amazing apt and amazing roommates? you 4 made my experience worth all the hard work it took to get to paris. cross country and across-the-border-to-canada road trip, eh?

paris’s photogenic-ness. you really don’t have to be an amazing photographer to produce amazing photographs in paris. abby said something to the effect of paris is just so photogenic, and i agree 100%. paris already has the subjects, you just need to release the shutter.

the seine. it’s the center of the city (though geographically it technically is not), and with great reason. along its banks, it’s home to the notre dame, hotel de ville, chatelet, musée louvre, musée d’orsay, sainte chappelle, palais royal, invalides… i can go on and on. a walk along the seine is a majestic one, and even one day isn’t enough to see all it has to offer. also, besides its location, the seine itself is a site to visit: walk on the seine instead of the sidewalk for salvation from the burning sun… have some wine and good conversation at night rather than drunkenness at a club… have a beer while you walk and people-watch along its makeshift beach…

its beauty. i couldn’t help but constantly compare paris to los angeles, and the hugest difference between the 2 metro cities is how each city defines beauty. in la, hollywood seriously distorts our idea of beauty where it glorifies youth and grotesque, orange tans. and its buildings are constantly renovated, torn down, or completely abandoned with little hope for future utility. paris, on the other hand, derives its beauty from its old age. most parisian apartment buildings, for example, were modernized for plumbing and electricity – rather than tearing down the buildings for modernization, paris preserved the old architecture. (you can say the same with parisians – they seem to embrace their age rather than try to reverse it with botox, or with large amounts of protein shakes and 300lb barbells.)

fashion. parisian women defy american gender expression by making pants look real good. they don’t wear mini skirts, booty shorts or unflatteringly tight spaghetti straps. their dresses aren’t frilly, flowery, or loud. so, in other words, parisian fashion is more so androgynous. i need to write a few notes about their fashion and apply it at home.

there are things i won’t miss, of course

  • the bad body odor – it’s a tried and true stereotype; it’s especially bad on metro rides, beware!
  • the serious lack of regulation on dog poop
  • the serious lack of regulation on peeing in public
  • the mice running around the apt
  • the chinese take-out places that microwave your food

oh, paris. i’ll really miss you! i haven’t seen all of you just yet, which means i will be back.


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