Colorado’s Ken Buck is one of five Republican Senate candidates this year who is so opposed to individual freedom that he’d force women to bear a rapist’s baby. So maybe it’s no surprise that Buck also opposes the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, on the grounds that the military should be as “homogeneous as possible.”

Huffington Post has the video of Buck debating Democrat Michael Bennet on Friday, in which Buck says:

It’s one thing to deny someone access to the military and to a career in the military, it’s another thing to — for morale purposes and other purposes — make sure that we are as homogeneous as possible in the military in moving towards the common goal of the security and the military action, as opposed to the distractions that are caused by allowing lifestyle choices to become part of the discussion.

Would that be “homogeneous” as in pre-World War II homogeneous? Buck’s clearly talking about gay troops — and their “lifestyle choices” — breaking the homogeneity and not African Americans, but the discrimination is just as rank.


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