Glad to know there was no racial message in the minds of Glenn Beck’s followers this week…

by Time Wise
September 2, 2010

Here’s a picture of a guy at Glenn Beck’s Rally last week, which we’re told had nothing to do with race or anything really except “faith…”

Which raises the obvious questions:

Hey jackass:

1. What does this have to do with the rally you were attending?
2. What does this have to do with anything?
3. Why can’t you spell Mauritania?

Clearly the answer to question 3 is easy: for the same reason he probably spells America “Amurka”

But as for questions 1 and 2, well, that’s a bit more complicated. I’d say it’s because deep down, this is how lots of white folks deal with (or rather, refuse to deal with) racism and white supremacy in this country: by deflecting attention onto other crimes, committed by other people, in other lands. Which is about as mature as saying to your mother when you were 11, and broke a window playing ball, “But Billy did it too!” Momma didn’t care about Billy, Skeeter. And Mauritania doesn’t relieve the U.S. of dealing with the legacy of our crimes…

Nice try though.


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