Sunday run and the Home Depot spray bottle

Meet my boyfriend, Ryan. He’s me and Charlie’s personal Cesar Milan – to a certain degree, at least. I give him so much credit for helping me train Charlie because without him, I’d be drowning in tears of frustration.

Today, we took Charlie on a run on the way to the park, taking a detour through the heart of Westwood. We made sure to bring our Home Depot spray bottle half-filled with water, set to single stream for maximum results. Our PetSmart dog trainer, Cristina, recommended it on our first day of class last Wednesday, and it has been so, so helpful.

I don’t quite know what Charlie’s breed is, but I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of American Eskimo in there. Save the long fur (he has a soft, short yet very thick coat) , he has the same body type and size as them. He’s very high energy and a simple walk around the block does not do it for him. Jogging to the park did the job, so by the time we got to the park (at least a quarter mile from my apartment), Charlie was panting and slowing down. I was worried each minute that another dog might come along within eyesight and make Char go crazy, but the spray bottle kept him calm. We didn’t have to spray it more than twice, since he was already afraid of being sprayed.

On our way back to the apartment, we encountered an older woman walking her 2 small dogs at the edge of the park and Char was very well behaved! The jog combined with Char’s fear of the spray bottle made this first Sunday run an amazing experience, and we were so proud of him! I’m still proud of him as he sleeps, curled between myself and Ryan.

Sunday runs shall be a regular thing.


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