A little frustrated…

Charlie is so inconsistent:

One day, he doesn’t bark at my roommates. Or barks very minimally at dogs passing by during our walks.

The next, he barks all the damn time… He barks the roof off when my roommates come into the room… And when he sees any dog from afar.

I’ve done all I can for Charlie – provide him good food, long walks, warm shelter, and affection. I’ve taken another step and enrolled him in PetSmart training class. I know it takes a lot of time for a nervous dog to become un-nervous, but it gets so hard sometimes. I’ve cried a few times, I’ve yelled at Char… I can’t do it sometimes. And I know there’s something else I need to do to help him… I need to go even further: doggy day care.

Enter CageFree K-9 Camp. I have yet to take a tour of their facility (though their website is so extensive, it feels like I’ve already been there) but I’ve called them to inquire about pricing and all. It’s the only doggy day care whose services fall within my budget. And what’s more, it’s exactly what Char needs.

I think the ultimate, sole source of Charlie’s behavioral problems is that he’s not socialized. Human, dogs, most moving objects… He doesn’t know how to behave around them. Any social skills like saying hi, getting petted, approaching dogs – he doesn’t know how to do them. And I’m confident that investing in day care well help correct this.

CageFree has assured me that they’ve dealt with many dogs like Charlie, and so I’m confident that he’ll get better because of them. They also have van services, which is a plus for someone who has no car! 

So CageFree K-9 Camp, I trust you. Please help Charlie and me. I love him too much to give up on him. And though I’m a little frustrated, I know all the time and money I invest in his care will be worth it all.


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