Dear Mr. Street Man,

In passing on my way to work, you asked me and a couple of guys if we had some change. The two were engrossed in their own conversation, but I had no excuse for ignoring you. I’m sorry for ignoring you, and I’m also sorry for not being able to give you change…

But it shouldn’t have prompted you to yell in a very negative and condescending tone, “Nice necklace…” First, thanks, it really is a nice necklace; I really love it. Second, I really hope I misinterpreted your tone because while my necklace is beautiful and carefully detailed, it is also beautiful in its creation. Thanks to NightLight and others like it, I had the opportunity to make a difference in the world of someone I don’t know just by buying the necklace. I made a difference for someone whose problems you and I can’t even imagine.

The necklace was made by a formerly enslaved woman in Thailand, forced, betrayed and brainwashed into thinking that her body is a consumable product. The necklace you so admire, Mr. Street Man, is not one which I bought as an indulgence, but as a symbol of solidarity with women like the one who made it, and with the people who work day and night to change the lives of women who have the opportunity to get out of a life they do not want.

So again, I’m sorry, Mr. Street Man, for not giving you change today. But I hope you understand.



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