Dear Westwood,

I hope you’re happy. By raising your already ridiculously high rent again, you’ve lost 2 more great stores – the Thank You Mart and Mystery Bookstore. You’ve consequently lost my respect – thanks to your lack of support for struggling small/independent businesses. The economy is already bad enough, and to think you can raise rent without getting away with it shows that you’re completely delusional.

So I hope you’re happy. You might even be raising prices on the Broxton parking lot, whose low prices help keep Westwood afloat. This formula of raising prices is only a formula for disaster, and my wish for you is that you see this before it’s too late. I project that you’ll lose half of your patronage in the next 5 years if you maintain this downward trajectory. But if this is what you originally wanted – to drive out customers – then you’re doing a fantastic job.

There’s an upside to this all, though. The only businesses who can afford your stupid rent are those stores that attract high-end customers. Those who don’t mind multi-faceted and extremely damaging exploitation for 100% cashmere sweaters. This will definitely get you the rent you ask for.

Like I said, I hope you’re happy. But moreso, I hope it doesn’t take Westwood becoming a ghost town to realize your disastrous mistakes, one of which is raising your rent.

Truly yours,

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