Band of Brothers

the other night, when i had a choice between watching a supposedly awesome episode of community or an episode of band of brothers, i chose the latter without hesitation.

from the opening credit sequence (genius!) to the concluding text of each episode, band of brothers just captivates me all the way through. the cinematic photography is just breathtaking – the subdued and neutral color palette matches the unglamorous life of a wwii soldier. the costume design is impeccable, from the leather-soled boots, to the waist-cinched army jackets, to the sweet leather bomber jackets – all pieces i’d like to add to my own wardrobe. the acting is just so real, i’m convinced that after fighting in the war, ron livingston was frozen in time until he did office space 55 years later. i personally have a soft spot for damian lewis’s dick winters – can’t help but fall in love with his insanely generous yet commanding personality. he may be my favorite character in all the films i’ve seen.

tom hanks and steven speilberg, thank you for this masterpiece. any negative reviews were from stupid critics who couldn’t follow the multifaceted storyline and complex dialogue.

i can watch band of brothers over and over, and that’s probably what i’ll do for a while until i miss television. probably won’t be anytime soon, though, ‘cause i can watch dick winters lead easy company or eugene roe heal the wounded all day and night.


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