On style and fashion

the sartorialist says…

“Some people have commented that they don’t relate to the runways shots that I have posted on the blog during fashion week. They say they can’t afford the clothes or the looks don’t relate to their everyday lives.

I understand these comments but I challenge you to try and look at these runway shots in a new way.

Fendi, for example, was really about fantastic color combinations. Even if you didn’t like the clothes you can focus on the color schemes. These suggestions of color can be used whether shopping Fendi, or Zara, or vintage.

Maybe another collection – like Yohji – would be all about proportion and texture. Wearing all black is difficult but new ideas in mixing shape and fabric textures can be invaluable in keeping a monotone wardrobe fresh.

Dries and Gaultier’s strength’s have always been their great ability to mix genres and cultural symbols. I love the idea of Tibetan Fireman.

All I’m saying is don’t let the lack of funds keep you from having fun with fashion.”

well said, sartorialist… not much to add except fashion isn’t about buying the most expensive things out there, or the tendiest brand names. don’t be afraid to buy generic; buy it at ross or marshall’s during off season; thrift it; make it… expressing yourself shouldnt cost your arm and leg.

my fave bargaining method: thrift stores. no buffalo exchanges or wasteland who sell used clothes for profit… go to charity thrift stores whose proceeds support underprivileged communites. that way, your money is doubly meaningful- to yourself and a person somewhere in the world whose thankful for someone like you. it may be hard to find the good stuff, but take the time to look through the racks. i have found (more so my sister yvette who found it for herself but passed it onto me bc it didn’t fit) so many treasures- treasures i wouldn’t find at h&m or jcrew.

here’s to affordable fashion & style- cheers!


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