diy fever- thanks jennay.

jenny- my twin sister born a year before me- just got engaged! (a couple of weeks ago, her boyfriend proposed to her with a beautiful, huge princess cut diamond which i definitely approve…) by virtue of us just wanting to help a sister out, my cousin kristine, jenny’s bestie angela and i have all been named her wedding planners (which will hopefully become a wedding planning committee…). jenny wants it to be the most diy wedding ever -from the cake and cake pops (her baked goods are mouthgasmic), to the centerpieces (it’s a surprise but can’t wait to share it!), to the boutenirs, to the bouquets…. and thus, researching diy stuff (wedding or otherwise) has never been more fun!

since then, i’ve added a million things to my to-do list. without the materials or money to alleviate my diy fever, though, i can only dream/plan. for now, here’s what  my to-do list looks like.

make a personalized clock

make a hanging notepad

make a monogram made of buttons

make a paper chandelier

make a ruffle necklace

thanks to tutorializer for all the recommendations!


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