i just discovered a blog whose moderator posts photos of “pretty” people. here’s an excerpt of the blog description:

This blog is made for pure beautiful people.
If you know you belong here submit 🙂
– NO im not fake, these aren’t my pictures unless stated otherwise

i originally didn’t want to reveal the blog’s site to avoid getting my ass kicked by its moderator or its followers, but eff that… they can hate on me all they want, since i’m hating on them first… but i’m not surprised that all you see is pretty much the same kind of women. i.e., if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. (okay, i admit… there are a few exceptions but VERY few indeed…)

scantily-clad women with long, flowing hair, usually wavy via curling iron. (very few i saw had naturally wavy hair.) tons of eye makeup or artificial lashes, tons of blush, and several coats of deep-color lipstick. deep, heavily wire- or pad-assisted cleavage with low-cut shirts. skinny and petite. e.g.:

i know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these women are definitely not bad looking at all. but the moderator’s eye is very discriminatory, narrow-minded and fake though she claims otherwise. i can only imagine how many submitted images she’s recycled because they don’t fit her description of beauty. i usually respect all bloggers, but i’m sorry… i just can’t respect this one.

anyway, my point in all this is, i wanted to let you all know, that despite this blogger’s self-proclaimed authority on who’s beautiful and who’s not, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL despite your cup size, your brand or poundage of make up, your waist size, the length of your lashes, or how short your shorts are and how deep you v-neck is.


UPDATE (4/9/12) I’ve tried visiting this blog again in the past few months but has since been disabled. Today, it is password-protected blog – I wonder what the moderator’s hiding?


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