Birthmonth and [not my] graduation

may/june has always been my favorite part of the year, not only because it’s my birth month but because it’s a huge month of graduations and end-of-year celebrations. i’m so glad i got to see so many faces i hadn’t seen in months or even years, and to hang out with my loved ones more often than other times in the year.

  • sis jen’s RN graduation
  • sis maye’s 21st in vegas
  • spcn 2011, then cursing little boys with kate the great at alex’s bday
  • my 23rd, shared with the best birthday buddy there is, roger reyes
  • banquets galore
  • weho for dayyys with the roommies and then with tita marcy, big bro, baby jeez & boyfriend aka stankho
  • ucla pilipino graduation, class of 2011- CONGRATTTTTS!!
  • p-grad after party with my twinsie- ebony n ivory fo-evaa

you are all a breath of fresh air for me. thanks for keeping me young =)


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