★ Classic OTPs (alphabetical order) 01: Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman

“I´ll tell you a long time ago when you and I were working on a picture, and I came over one morning full of excitement and said to you. ‘You know that together you and I are one hundred years old?’ And you didn´t like the joke very much. So, I´m not going to repeat it…” ~ Ingrid Bergman (in a birthday message to Cary)

After filming had ended, Cary Grant kept the famous UNICA key. A few years later he gave the key to his great friend and co-star Ingrid Bergman, saying that the key had given him luck and hoped it would do the same for her. Decades later at a tribute to their director Alfred Hitchcock, Bergman went off-script and presented the key to him, to his surprise and delight.

hands down, my favorite film of all time… hands down, my favorite trio in the history of film: hitchcock, bergman, and grant… and, hands down, my favorite on-screen couple of all time. if you haven’t seen notorious, hit me up – i’ll lend you the dvd.


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