From Cali, With Love: What ever happened to the love song?

Nowadays, songs about “love” tend to just be songs about lust. In hip-hop and R&B, at least. It’s no surprise why so many women are clueless as to why they can’t find ‘real love’ when the songs they are quoting and men they are idolizing value nothing but physical appearances and sex. Or at least only express that value.All I’m saying is, our parents fell in love to good soul music.Music about love, about getting to know your partner…. about starting a family and about how they make you feel… The Temptations, Don Blackman, Bobby Caldwell, etc.But now, what? In 20 years you gonna reminisce about how you fell in love to Neighbors Know My Name? word, dog? the song that reminds you of your girl is Lil Freak? word? I just wish there was a lot more music with substance in the mainstream. I love my underground music, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to bend over backwards to discover new talented artists.And women look dumb as fuck quoting songs that promote cheating and promiscuity, then complaining about how all men are liars and cheaters when they get done wrong.I truly believe music has a great impact on a generations morals and values, and shit is all fucked up right now.



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