home darkroom, attempt #1

i finally got around to making my own darkroom (aka my broom closet + bathroom)! i have so many rolls of film that i haven’t developed, some a year old by now, so i’ve really procrastinated where my darkroom was concerned. i’m hoping those rolls aren’t quite expired… but even if they are, it’d still be cool to see how they turn out. expired film turns out really cool effects anyway, so i’m hoping i can yield some of that on my own.

developing my first roll of film was a total bust, though – the film didn’t develop. if you look closely, though, you could see extremely faint exposures and little lines separating each of them. in any case, i hope it had no amazing exposures on it.

the faint exposures tells me that 3 things might’ve contributed to the bust

  • first of all, my broom closet might not have been completely light proof. i’m thinking of getting a light-proof bag to remedy this but it’s a shame i can’t just use my broom closet.
  • second, it was a c-41 which isn’t quite compatible with simple b&w chemicals – i would’ve needed some sort of bleach to neutralize the c-41 dimension or something to that effect.
  • finally, i might’ve rushed it a bit and didn’t let my chemicals cool down enough. mixing the chemicals required really hot water. i diluted the developer with cold water and that was fine. but i didn’t have to dilute the fixer, which was still warm from the fresh mixing.

whatever the culprit was, the end result was still the same – my film didn’t develop correctly. oh well, i’ll just have to try again tomorrow. on the bright side, though i have one busted roll of film in the trash, at least i have a darkroom now!


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