Delano love

had another fun weekend with some loved ones in a city that felt like so much like home – delano. huge thanks to the delanoans (delanigans? delanans?) for their hospitality, especially jules aka jubs for introducing us to some really down folks and to pearl aka cmb and her parents for providing shelter and good food during our stay. their philippine weekend was soo much fun despite sweating like a pig and getting dog tired before 5pm from the heat. it was worth seeing familiar faces and catching up, especially with my roommie gbaby on the mic, whose set on stage might’ve been short but she killed it all the same. especially with kj and reagan, both of whom i haven’t seen in yeaaars- both of whom were in delano, of all cities to coincidentally be at the same party. it was a good weekend stock FULL of laughter, which is all i really need anyway – especially with nate aka nathaniel, bryant aka big bro, george aka belligerent black-out, jc aka baby jeez and ryan aka hm. big ups to baby jeez, the contact master, who had me, ryan and george crying all the way from delano to the grapevine. 

much love to delano for providing a great backdrop for such a good weekend.

photo creds: julie paholio & bryant cabrera


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