Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (a3m)

a few years ago, strolling down bruin walk after class, i signed up to be a marrow donor – a moment totally forgotten and erased from my memory until i got a call a couple of weeks ago saying i might be a potential match for a 28-year-old asian american woman.

marrow donors are hard to come by, and for asian americans, the chances are even slimmer. and according to rosa, a donor search coordinator at a3m to whom i spoke about donating, only 40% potential donors go on to just the testing phase. so the chances get slimmer and slimmer as you go down the donating process.

and so, i am proud to say that though i only just drew blood to test, i feel like i am steps closer to becoming an actual bone marrow donor if i am, in fact, a match for someone in need.

check out a3m’s or the national marrow donor program’s website to sign up to be a donor!


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