James Morrison – The Awakening

i currently have little faith in american artists to engage my musical tastes; to grab my heart strings; to truly suspend my attention deficit through to the last song. currently, i’m looking to british artists to do that for me. i’ve been hooked on joss stone, duffy, adele, jessie j and, of course, james morrison, who somehow outdoes himself on his latest album. (the ironic thing is that all these musicians’ musical styles are taken after american genres.)

first, i’d like to thank spotify for putting his new album the awakening under my radar. i otherwise would’ve been oblivious until a year later (e.g., joss stone’s lp1)… if you don’t have spotify, you’re even more behind the times than i am- and i’m pretty behind. spotify, i LOVE you.

some of my faves from the awakening

  • right by your side
  • slave to the music
  • up
  • one life

i was definitely a big songs for you, truths for me fan, but james morrison has seriously raised the bar for himself. the entire album is more soulful, the lyrics are more robust in meaning and metaphor, and morrison’s voice has beautifully developed a funkier register.

in other words, i love the album. it’s definitely gonna be on repeat for at least a few months.

finally, thank you, james. i love you. will you please sing at my wedding?


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