REBIRTH: Freedom and Fashion’s 3rd annual fair trade fashion show

I’ve known about Freedom and Fashion since their inception during my senior year at ucla, when I co-curated a show for them at our campus gallery, and have since been an admirer and contributor. Last year, I took my sisters- Yvette, Jenny, and Julius- to FnF’s 2nd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show, hoping to show them how fashion can be used to affect change. Freedom and Fashion does that in such a way that touches your soul and compels you to make a change in your own life- this is the very first step in changing the world.

Their 3rd annual fair trade show is coming up, right around the corner on the 17th in Downtown LA. They’ve done so much in just 3 years, supporting clothing and accessory lines dedicated to changing lives all over the world one at a time.

I’m so excited to see all the fruits of their year of hard work and sweat. I hope you can go with me to really find out what Freedom and Fashion is all about.

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