Snapkeys to replace Qwerty? Yeah, right.

snapkeys is a predictive text application that seeks to become the new standard keyboard. rather than a full-letter keyboard, you use just 6 buttons:

the four middle buttons house letters and symbols, while the side buttons are backspace and space

ryan ghassabian, the company’s spokesperson, predicts that snapkeys will become the standard keyboard for all touch-screen devices in 3 years. i say- yeah, right.

think about it. we’ve used qwerty keyboards since 1868, thanks to remington no. 2’s huge popularity (thanks, wikipedia). that makes qwerty 144 years old. if it’s persisted that long; has travelled from typewriters to desktop computers to mobile phones; and if it hasn’t been replaced with another keyboard since 1868, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, let alone 3 years.

what’s more, predictive text applications suck in general – i personally don’t like using it, and i’m sure you don’t either. i find that individuals enjoy expressing themselves in the way they spell or abbreviate words, and predictive text just doesn’t give you the space to do that. (on that note, shoutout to my sis yvette and to my dad whose text languages are such great brain teasers.)

snapkeys’s preditive text is supposedly 99% accurate. but c’mon, i think our fingers need the exercise, anyway. so snapkeys- get over it. it ain’t gonna happen.

on the bright side, it is kinda fun to use. try it…


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