Silverlake Outting

if you haven’t already toured around sunset junction, i recommend a night out with some like-minded friends who enjoy laid back nights and good food. the second of many recommendations i offer you in this post, is to park close to where santa monica meets sunset – but beware of the many, many, many parking restrictions.

this past sunday, i met up with two lovely ladies, marianne and nina, for a night out in silverlake- a neighborhood i’ve never really explored before. it was a beautiful night, beautiful weather, and a beautiful setting for our first la neighborfoodie exploration, and i was not disappointed.

i met up with the two at intelligentsia where they each ordered great tea (organic 333- yummy) and iced black coffee (also yummy!). nina had already ordered a salami rosa sandwich from the cheese store next door, and we were set for the first course of the night. the sandwich with the two caffeine drinks were the perfect appetizer- the sandwich providing a salty counter to the caffeine’s strength. marianne deemed it the best sandwich she’s ever had, and it was pretty high up on my list too.

a couple storefronts down was a great shop for the seasoned mixologist or seasoned drinker (like nina, who went straight for the whiskey bottles), bar keeper. i loved the shop with its great collection of glasses (both shot and regular size), mixers, whiskeys, gins, brandies, etc. not your typical bevmo, and if you’re looking to diversify your medicine cabinet with hard-to-find or niche brands, i definitely recommend it.

a storefront over is reform school, a great antique shop that houses an eclectic collection of furniture, figurines, and stationery. the whole shop floored me, and one piece i know i’ll have to come back for is their antique library catalog unit – to use for what, i have no idea but i know i’d find some reason to buy it.

nina recommended berlin currywurst as the feature of our silverlake trip. she’d never been but had always meant to try it. we were immediately welcomed by the faint smell of curry and 2 very good-looking german men, probably in their late 20s, who were eager to help out some first-timers (or to help out 3 beautiful ladies). the ordering was simple – you pick your sausage, add a flavor, and choose how hot you want it.

we were some easy customers – whatever the beautiful german recommended (we were too excited about the currywurst to ask for names), we got. and we definitely recommend it for your next visit.

  • bockwurst with charlottenburg flavor (ginger-orange)
  • paprikawurst with jambalaya flavor
  • scharfe kasewurst with alexanderplast flavor (garlic)
  • fries topped with grilled onion
  • sauerkraut salad with orange and carrot

my personal favorite was the bockwurst- i love sweet and spicy combos in general, so it was definitely a fun taste in my mouth (twss). i also loved the sauerkraut salad, not just because it was a good neutralizer for the spice, but i just love any fermented food. if i could, i’d eat that sauerkraut salad all day everyday, just like i would kimchi.

berlin currywurst is now one of my favorite restaurants in la- not just for the great food but also for the cute germans you can admire while you eat. you can also admire the great photography screenprinted on the restaurant walls, but i mean, live art is just more fun.

our unexpected final stop of the night was an amazing gelato joint called pazzo gelato. their marzipan and salted caramel fudge gelato were heaven on my tongue. wow, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. in other words, pazzo gelato was the perfect way to round out the best first neighborfoodie meeting ever, and just like all the spots i mentioned in this post, i recommend this place too!

in conclusion, go to all of these spots. you will not be disappointed. my only wish was that we had explored more of the area. there are way more eclectic shops to enjoy than we had time for, but that just means we’ll have to go back!

nina and marianne – can’t wait for our next neighborfoodie adventure 🙂


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