Hope Charlie’s OK…

I left Charlie at Cagefree for daycare this morning. He got nervous as we pulled up to the lot – he smelled all the other dogs without having to get out of the car. Once inside at the check-in desk, he wouldn’t stop whining or shaking.

I know he’ll be okay. My goal overtime is to have him be excited to be at Cagefree rather than frightened.

I just hope he doesn’t get anymore white fur, like he did the last few times I left him at daycare. He was a nervous wreck for those couple of weeks – besides his white fur on his chin and back, he wouldn’t eat or do his “business” until he went home with me. I stopped bringing him to daycare once I realized his behavior wouldn’t change unless something else changed in my dog handling habits.

Looking forward to my first training session with Sylvano. Wish me luck!


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