Single and Saving

Financial literacy has been an ongoing challenge of mine since I technically became economically independent from my parents during college. Excel and Mint have become my best friends, but it’s only good for tracking and analyzing what I’m spending my hard-earned money on.  What I need more now are good tools to help me break my bad habits of splurge spending, not planning long-term, and not having enough to save at the end of the month (to name just a few…). And there are a bunch of websites out there that cater to my demographic – mid-20s, new professional, and debt slave (also to name a few).

Enter Single and Saving, a blog (obviously) about living the single life on a budget. M chronicles her money-saving adventures as a mid-twenties single gal in Atlanta, and I’m going to try my best to apply that to my money-saving adventures as a mid-twenties single gal in Los Angeles. I’ll keep you posted.

20’s Finances is a wealth of straight-up financial literacy, written by a man who apparently has great advice. He recently graduated from college and is now pursuing a master’s degree, is living in an expensive U.S. city with his wife, who is also pursuing a master’s – and all of this without debt. The best thing about his blog: weekly lists of 5 frugal tips like 5 Ways to Cut Costs (a ten-week series) and furnishing your apartment for $600.

Finally, Gen Y Wealth is great for tips on investing and diversifying your income. His investment tips are worth leafing through, but personally, investing is not yet a priority. Don’t worry – it will be a priority once I have enough leftover from my income to invest.

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