Santa Anita Park

Went to Santa Anita Park and bet on horse racing for the first time ever. We dressed up for the occasion- him donning a navy blue sports jacket with pretty gold buttons and me a long red coat: Viv and Edward, out on the town, betting on some horse races.

Learning about the whole betting process was the most fun, as neither of us knew very much about it. Thankfully, there were some helpful folks around to help us totally oblivious gamblers. We safely stuck to 4 types of bets-

  • Win – your horse will win first place
  • Place – your horse will win first or second place
  • Show – your horse will win first, second, or third place
  • Trifecta – betting on 3 horses in consecutive winning order

It was easy to see how people can become horse race addicts- at least, why I would become an addict: I get so engaged with the horse(s) I bet on to win. There’s this superficial connection I make with that horse: from the minute I see them pageant walk before the race – maybe I like the way the look, their muscular structure, their facial features, their creative name (Healenor Rugby, Howmuchisit, Miss Communication, and Bud I Crushed It among my favorites), the way they walk, how spunky they are; to the minute I recognize them at the starting line; and finally, all the way to the finish line whether they finish first or not. During the race, which lasts less than two minutes, I will them to win as if they hear my request. I’m sure that my hunch alone or picking the underdog will win me some money. I guess with anything you bet your hard-earned money on, there’s usually a degree of engagement. Otherwise, what fun would it be?

What a fun, spontaneous trip to bet on some horses. Check that off my bucket list.


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