Hammer Museum’s Open Projector Night

The Sklar Brothers hosted Open Projector Night last Thursday night

Each quarter, the Hammer Museum’s Open Projector Night invites amateur filmmakers from all backgrounds and ages to showcase their talent (or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it). 10 minutes or less is the only criteria you have to work with – you can bring anything your heart desires. The audience decides if your entire film deserves to be played beyond the grueling 2-minute checkpoint. Obviously, if we’ve seen enough after 2 minutes, then maybe your film ain’t as great as you think it is.

This quarter’s installment brought 13 submissions – fewer than usual, apparently, but more diverse in content and format, and higher in quality. One of Hammer’s own AV staff, Sadie Strangio, was 1 of 3 winners that night with her intriguing compilation of “Cat Vomit” (literally), flawlessly synchronized with a great soundtrack composed by another Hammer AVer, Tom Bass (“the next big thing”). The next winner, Laura Mannino’s “Ten Minute Decade”, was, in my opinion, an awkward attempt at capturing the superficiality of a woman in her twenties – as a woman myself in her twenties, I thought Mannino didn’t quite do us justice.

But my definite favorite of the night and the definite crowd favorite was Shaun Parker’s “Hope. You Like Crap”. Self-deprecation is one of the highest forms of humor, and Parker captured it beautifully in a facetious voiceover, revisiting his 20-year-old undergrad film thesis. Poking much fun at his own pretension as a film student in the 80s – magic.

Open Projector Night is typically hosted by the hilarious Sklar Brothers and occurs every quarter, so the next one should be in July if you want to join in on all the fun! Definitely a great night if you’re in the mood for booing, cheering, laughing, and searching for the next big thing in film.

Or feel free to put your film and dignity at the mercy of the toughest audience you’ll ever find.


2 thoughts on “Hammer Museum’s Open Projector Night

  1. Hi, this is Shaun and I did a google to see if anybody said anything about this night and found your post. So nice and you spelled my name right! Thank you! I had no idea what I was in for that night so it was a little nerve wracking but couldn’t have been more awesome and that it was all complete strangers with only my one friend in the audience with me was humbling.

    1. Hey, Shaun! It was really a pleasure seeing your film – I’m so glad you had so much courage to do that! Once the film started, it was so apparent it was already in the bag, everyone loved it immediately. Hope to see more of you and your work at the future OPNs!

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