Charlie’s 2nd agility class (Zoom Room Culver City)

Charlie’s 2nd class was postponed thanks to the Easter holiday and I was afraid he’d forget all the commands between the 2-week break.

But gratefully, he’s too smart to forget– he did a great job today and I’m so proud! And what impressed Karen and me even more (yay, classmates!) was how calm Charlie was immediately after entering the classroom. I was afraid he’d be really leash aggressive toward the 5 other dogs but he was quiet, calm and submissive.

Our trainer was just as impressed with him this time around as she was the first time she met him two weeks ago. He did everything so well – “A-frame!” “Mark!” “Tunnel!” We’ve finally found his calling in life and I’m so excited for the next class.

The only problem we had today was with a puppy Charlie didn’t particularly like – everytime the pup would go up for his turn to practice, Char would go crazy. I’ve never really learned how to keep his leash aggression under control but at least he didn’t bark until the pup walked across the room. Otherwise, Char would ignore him. I expected the trainer would help me with that, but me and the other classmates like Karen, Lisa and Scott, all realized that maybe the trainer was too focused on agility rather than overall behavior.

We all went to Boneyard after class to enjoy the beautiful, sunny day with our dogs. Char continued to impress Karen and me – a few times (more times than ever) he left my side to approach a dog to play. None were too interested in him so Char quickly gave up, but in any case, this was the most confident I’ve seen him. Perhaps it was his confidence from agility class that gave him enough courage to approach a couple dogs, and I know the only way for his confidence to go is up.

This post is in desperate need for pictures and video, so I promise both for the next agility post! I also need to remember to take pictures of all of us, we have such a cute group of dogs– Franky, Simba, Finn, and Char. But we’re going to a dog beach in Huntington Beach tomorrow so pictures to come, for sure!

As always – Good boy, Charlie!


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